Order of the Sun Soul

The Order of the Sun Soul is an ancient mystical and martial tradition, dedicated to opposing the Forces of Darkness, going back millennia at least. They venerate the Sun itself, and therefor are not directly affiliated with the clergy of any particular sun god; individual brothers and sisters often worship a local sun god, however, and the Order has formed strong associations with the churches of Lathander in the West and Horus-Re in the East. The Order’s teachings involve deep and esoteric mysticism alongside difficult and exotic fighting arts, said to have been passed down from the time of Netheril and before.

Martial Artist Lens: Monk of the Sun Soul (50 points)
Secondary Characteristics: plus 1 Will (5).
Advantages: Higher Purpose 1 (Destroy Demons or Undead) (5); Holiness 2 (Generic or Lathander) (10); Shtick (Foes slain personally can’t rise as undead) (1); and Style Familiarity (Way of the Sun Soul) (1).
Disadvantages: Sense of Duty (Good entities) (-10).
Skills: Exorcism (H) Will (4)-12; Hidden Lore (Demons or Undead) (A) IQ (2)-10; and Theology (H) IQ (4)-10. • Add Rapier (A) DX+1 (4)-17 to the options for melee weapon skills; that (for the jian), Shortsword (for butterfly swords), and Staff (for the sword-staff) – collectively, the Sun Soul Sword Styles – are the most common weapons used by Sun Soul monks, though many focus on unarmed skills for use with the order’s unique abilities. • Add Innate Attack (Beam) (E) DX (1)-16 to the options for missile weapon skill.
Special Abilities: 28 points chosen from among Holy abilities (generic or Lathander‘s), and the Style Perks and Power-Ups for the Way of the Sun Soul. (Optionally, points in the martial artist template that are designated for Chi abilities, optional advantages, or special skills may be spent on these traits instead).
Power-ups: For the purpose of power-ups, Monks of the Sun Soul are martial artists with the holy warrior lens. They can always buy the Style Perks and Power-Ups for the Way of the Sun Soul, as well as Holiness up to 6 (5/level), and Holy abilities (generic or Lathander’s). Some become full clerics by adding the Holy Warrior-Cleric lens (DF3, p. 26), though they get only 15 points (as opposed to 20) for additional Holy abilities and/or cleric spells, owing to the fact that they start with Holiness 1 rather than 2. Those who study the Sun Soul Sword Styles often add the swashbuckler template (DF3, p. 31).

Way of the Sun Soul
The monks of the Sun Soul practice an ancient art of mystical combat, the origins of which are lost to history, but which easily stretch back to the Empire of Netheril and before. Their fighting style shows many of the same influences as those of Kara-Tur, including a large body of exotic unarmed techniques, and swords that more closely resemble those of the East (or the elves) than the West. But the highlight of the art is to harness and focus the power of the sun into fiery attacks and defenses.

Style Skills: Acrobatics; Judo; Karate; Theology. (Optional: Rapier; Shortsword; Staff.)

Style Power-Ups
Monks of the Sun Soul often study the use of a number of exotic bladed weapons, collectively called the Sun Soul Sword Styles. In addition to the perks and power-ups listed below, a Monk of the Sun Soul can take exotic weapon perks and power-ups for the Butterfly Sword (uses Shortsword skill), Jian (uses Rapier skill), or Qian Kun Ri Yue (aka sword-staff; uses Staff skill) as if they were style traits for the Way of the Sun Soul.

Acrobatic Stand (6 points)
Use full Acrobatics skill to perform an Acrobatic Stand (DF2, p. 12). See DF11, p. 12.
Technique: Acrobatic Stand (A) Acrobatics+0 (6).

Corona (6 points for Level 1; 11 points for Level 2)
Prerequisites: Holiness 2+ for Level 1; Holiness 4+ for Level 2.
By spending 2 FP , you wreathe yourself in a scintillating aura which burns anyone who touches you, or who you touch. The aura lasts for one minute, but you can maintain it for 1 FP/min after that. In combat, anyone who hits you with a natural weapon (punch, kick, claw, bite, etc) takes damage to the attacking body part, and your unarmed attacks do follow-up damage on a successful hit – per turn in the case of grapples. At Level 1, damage is 2 point of burning; at Level 2, it’s 1d+1; even insubstantial creatures are affected, and those with special vulnerability to fire, sunlight, or holy damage take extra damage. As a side effect, your aura provides illumination equal to a torch; you can activate this ability for free, without paying the FP cost to turn on your full (damaging) corona, but you can’t suppress it when the aura is active.
Advantages: Burning Attack 2 or 1d+1 (Affects Insubstantial, +20%; Aura, +80%; Costs Fatigue, 2 FP + 1/min, -10%; Holy, -10%; Melee Attack, Reach C, -30%) (5 or 10).
Perk: Illumination (1).

Spinning Kick (4 points for Level 1; 9 points for Level 2)
At Level 1, you use full Karate skill to make a Spinning Kick (see p. MA79); at Level 2, use Karate+4.
Perk: (Level 2) Technique Mastery (Spinning Kick) (1).
Technique: (Level 1) Spinning Kick (H) Karate+0 (4). • (Level 2) Spinning Kick (H) Karate+4 (4).

Sun-Blade (3 points for Level 1; 6 points for Level 2)
Prerequisites: Corona power-up; Rapier, Shortsword, or Staff skill.
You can extend your Corona to encompass a metal weapon – traditionally, one of the weapons used with the Sun Soul Sword Styles (butterfly swords, jian, or sword-staff) – adding follow-up burning damage to the weapon. This ability incurs no additional FP cost, and requires no roll to activate; if you have the Sun-Blade power-up and a sword in hand, you need only activate your Corona ability to gain the benefits of Sun-Blade. The cost of the power-up is tied to your level in Corona – if you have Corona Level 1, Sun-Blade costs 3 points and adds 2 follow-up burning damage; if you have Corona Level 2, Sun-Blade costs 6 points and adds 1d+1 burning.
Advantages: Burning Attack 2 or 1d+1 (Accessibility: Only usable when Corona is active, -10%; Accessibility: Requires sword, -10%; Affects Insubstantial, +20%; Follow-up, +0%; Holy, -10%) (3 or 6).

Sunray (40 points)
Prerequisites: Holiness 6+.
You can project a beam of searing, and potentially blinding, light at your foes. This costs 2 FP per attack, and can be dodge or blocked but not parried; roll vs. Innate Attack (Beam) to hit, inflicting 2d burning damage (even against insubstantial enemies); whether or not any damage penetrates DR, a sighted victim must roll vs. HT or be blinded for one minute times his margin of failure. You can only use this power-up once per five seconds, as it takes that long to build up the energy to fire another ray.
Advantages: Affliction (Blindness, +50%; Holy, -10%; Link, +10%; Sense-Based, Vision, +150%) (30) + linked Burning Attack 2d (Affects Insubstantial, +20%; Costs Fatigue, 2 FP, -10%; Holy, -10%; Link, +10%; Takes Recharge, 5 sec, -10%) (10).

Style Perks (1/perk)

Sheer Speed – Requires Trained by a Master. See DF11, p. 35.

Weapon Adaptation (Rapier to Shortsword, or vice-versa) – You can use another Sun Soul sword (Butterfly Swords, Jian) with your existing skill. See p. MA52, or PU2, p. 8.

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Order of the Sun Soul

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