These diminutive craftsmen are distant kin to dwarves, but slightly shorter and considerably less stocky. Their affinity for machinery and small working parts has recently brought them to the attention of humanity, who had blissfully ignored them (or confused them with dwarves) for centuries, but are finally recognizing the gnomes for their technical brilliance. Gnomish adventurers tend to be gadgeteers and technologists first and foremost, but their expertise blends well with various roguish pursuits (traps, locks, etc), with the practice of tech-magic, and with gun- (or gadget-) slinging in battle.

Find a gnome’s height and weight using the line appropriate to ST on the Build Table (p. B18), but multiply height by 2/3 while keeping weight unchanged – they’re stocky for their height, though not nearly so much as dwarves. Gnomes tend toward round, friendly features, and all ages often have whispy white hair. Men often wear well-groomed beards; unlike dwarves, gnome women are beardless.

A gnome has Size Modifier -1, regardless of height; see Tiny Tools, DF3 p. 8, for purchasing equipment. Gnomes are big enough to wield human weapons at -1 to skill; they can buy off this penalty completely with the optional perk Giant Weapons, which isn’t part of the racial template.

Gnome Template (20 points)
Attributes: ST -1 (-10), HT +1 (10), Move -1 (-5).
Languages: Gnomish (Native), Common (Fluent) (6).
Advantages: High Manual Dexterity 1 (5), High TL: Wonder-Tech* (5), Resistant to Poison +3 (5), Talent: Widget-Worker 1 (5), Perk: Gnomish Gifts* (1).
Disadvantages: Quirk: Attentive (-1), Quirk: Imaginative (-1).

High TL: Wonder-Tech – Gnomes are instinctively technical, thinking in gears and pistons; although their native civilization is relatively small and isolated, their technological aptitude has allowed them to develop advanced (TL4+1) technology. This means that they can devise and construct TL4+1 gadgets and use TL4+1 technical skills. When operating in TL4 human society, they can devise and construct TL4+1 gadgets and use TL4+1 technical skills, but they must specially construct or acquire (generally at great expense) anything that can’t be obtained in a TL4 environment. They can still learn and use TL4 technical skills, and build gadgets that operate on TL4 technologies, without penalty.

Gnomish Gifts – In addition to the Racial Power-Ups listed in DF11, p. 42, gnomes may buy the following optional traits, either during creation, or with earned character points:

  • Gadgeteer (Normal or Quick) (25 or 50), even without the Artificer template (DF4)
  • Gizmos (Any number) (5/gizmo)
  • High Manual Dexterity (up to 5) (5/level)
  • Wild Talent: Retention, Focused (Machine/Tech Skills) (21/level)

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