Order of the Broken

The legendary “pain-bearers” of the Broken Order are pious mendicant monks who have forsaken their worldly status and possessions (apart from the simple belongings they carry with them), wandering the land to aid the suffering and preach the word of the Holy Church. At once sacred mystics and master martial artists, they spread the influence of Ilmater by easing suffering and protecting the weak from the depredations of the ruthless.

Martial Artist Lens: Monk of the Broken Order (50 points)
Attributes: +1 IQ (20).
Advantages: High Pain Threshold (10); Higher Purpose 1 (Protect the helpless and downtrodden) (5); Holiness 1 (Ilmater) (5); and Style Familiarity (Way of the Broken Order) (1).
Disadvantages: Vow (Own no more than can be carried) (-10); replace Disciplines of Faith (Chi Rituals) (-10) with Disciplines of Faith (Ilmatari Mendicant) (-15), for an additional -5 points.
Skills: Esoteric Medicine (H) Per (4)-11; Panhandling (E) IQ (1)-11; Theology (H) IQ (4)-11. • Jitte/Sai, Staff, and Tonfa are the most common weapon skills, although many monks will opt for purely unarmed combat; cutting and stabbing weapons are rare.
Special Abilities: 15 points chosen from among Ilmater’s Holy abilities, and the Style Perks (1/perk) and Power-Ups (Varies) of the Way of the Broken Order. (Optionally, points in the martial artist template that are designated for Chi abilities, optional advantages, or special skills may be spent on these traits instead).
Power-ups: For the purpose of power-ups, Monks of the Broken Order are martial artists with the holy warrior lens. They can always buy the Style Perks and Power-Ups for the Way of the Broken Order, as well as Holiness up to 6 (5/level), and the Holy abilities of Ilmater. Some become full clerics by adding the Holy Warrior-Cleric lens (DF3, p. 26), though they get only 15 points (as opposed to 20) for additional Holy abilities and/or cleric spells, owing to the fact that they start with Holiness 1 rather than 2.

Disciplines of Faith (Ilmatari Mendicant)
A monk of the Broken Order must renounce all worldly possessions beyond that which he carries with him, wandering the land as a mendicant healer, preacher, and protector of the weak. He must own only that which he needs to survive – which may include high-quality or magical gear, but never anything ostentatious or superfluous. He must spend at least 1d hours each day in contemplation and practice, as for Chi Rituals, but he doesn’t spend extra on rations. Instead, he must give 20% of his share of any material rewards (loot, payments, rewards, etc) to charity (e.g. the Church, a hospital, or spent directly to aid the poor). He may choose to give more – and Ilmater won’t fail to notice such pious generosity – but may not come to special arrangements with party members to get around the tithe (e.g. take only half a share of loot, and have an ally buy equipment for him, etc). His Chi and Holy abilities are contingent on maintaining these disciplines, as well as on upholding his vows and tenets of faith.

Way of the Broken Order
Monks enter the monastery at a young age, taking an austere life of prayer, and training to endure incredible physical hardships as means of enhancing their connection with Martyred God. The legendary training program is said to have been influenced by a wondering Shou monk who took shelter at an Ilmateri monastery, and was so impressed by their piety and endurance that he taught them his own ways. This style is unknown outside the Order, and thus not available as a power-up unless purchased along with the Monk of the Broken Order lens (and a suitable martial artist lens, for those who lack Trained by a Master and/or the required style skills).

Style Skills: Judo; Karate; Meditation; Theology. (Optional: Jitte/Sai; Tonfa; Staff.)

Style Power-Ups
In addition to the perks and power-ups listed below, a Monk of the Broken Order can take exotic weapon perks and power-ups listed for the Jitte/Sai, Tonfa, or Staff as if they were style traits for the Way of the Broken Order.

Armor of Piety (10 points)
Prerequisites: Monk of the Broken Order; Holiness 4+; Meditation at Will; Theology at IQ.
Giving up physical armor in favor of divine protection, the monk develops a powerful shield of faith. He gains a DR 4 Force Field, and has Luck for the sole purpose of re-rolling failed defenses, or forcing an attacker to re-roll a critical hit. Wearing any armor beyond simple clothing (but not including items such as Ironskin amulets or Bracers of Force) suspends all of the character’s Chi and Holy abilities, as though he’d failed to do his rituals and burned the power out, until he spends a day in prayer and penance.
Advantages: DR 4 (Can’t Wear Armor, -40%; Force Field, +20%; Holy, -10%) (14); Luck (Defensive, -20%; Holy, -10%) (11)
Disadvantages: Vow (Never wear armor) (-15).

Hand-Clap Parry (6 points)
Prerequisites: Trained by a Master.
Use full Judo Parry when attempting a Hand-Clap Parry. See p. MA84.
Technique: Hand-Clap Parry (H) Judo Parry+0 (6).

Master of the Empty Hand (10 points)
Prerequisites: Monk of the Broken Order; Holiness 2+; both Judo and Karate at DX+1.
By forswearing the use of any kind of weapon beyond his own body, a monk can gain special blessings in unarmed combat. When fighting unarmed, his fists count as Strikers (i.e. he’s considered to be armed with regard to parries made by or against his fists, and adds 1 per die to punching damage, in addition to Karate bonuses), and he adds 6 to ST for all unarmed strikes and grapples. Further, his fists and feet have +2 DR (Tough Skin), and he adds 3 to ST or HT when resisting attempts to lock or wrench his limbs or neck. Any use of a weapon in combat suspends all of the character’s Chi and Holy abilities, as though he’d failed to do his rituals and burned the power out, until he spends a day in prayer and penance.
Advantages: DR 2 (Hands and feet only, -20%; Holy, -10%; Tough Skin, -40%) (3); Lifting ST 6 (Grappling only, -60%; Holy, -10%) (6); Striker (Crushing; Holy, -10%; Fists, -20%) (4); Striking ST 6 (Holy, -10%; Unarmed only, -60%) (9).
Perks: Iron Arms, Legs, and Neck (3).
Disadvantages: Vow (Always fight unarmed) (-15).

Pressure-Point Strike (3 points)
Prerequisites: Trained by a Master; Pressure Points.
Use full Karate skill to attack with the Pressure Points or Pressure Secrets skills. See p. MA87.
Technique: Pressure-Point Strike (H) Karate+0 (3).

Roll With Blow (3 points)
Prerequisites: Trained by a Master.
Roll vs. full Judo skill to attempt to Roll with Blow. See p. MA87.
Techniques: Roll with Blow (H) Judo+0 (3).

Style Perks (1/perk)

Deft Touch – This perk has two forms – Pressure Points and Pressure Secrets; each must be purchased separately. For the chosen skill, use DX instead of IQ. Requires Trained by a Master.

Patience of Job – See PU2, p. 13.

Power Grappling – See p. MA51, or PU2, p. 7.

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Order of the Broken

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