Forgotten Realms: Splendors & Shadow

Indigo's thoughts -- Session 2

Finnegan described the next two possible contracts as they all sat around at the Yawning Portal drinking. After eying the week-old food in Gustav Corsaro‘s and Urdor’s grimy beards, Indigo wasn’t really in the mood for food or drink, but she ordered some honeywine anyway. Melora looked like she had been drinking all night already, but ordered another anyway as well.

One assignment was to work for the City Guard for a week down in the Dungeon Level. The other was to set up meetings between groups of folks in the Dungeon Level and the merchant Waylan the Collector, probably for some sort of black market trading. The pay for setting up the meetings looked far more attractive and Indigo definitely liked the freedom of coming and going as they pleased. Melora, Gustav, and Urdor all agreed, although Urdor mumbled something about there not being enough killing in this contract.

Sadly, it was quiet as they went down through the Yawning Portal this time since it was fairly early morning. Indigo was surprised to find that she missed the cheering from the last time. As they were lowered down and down, she removed the hood from her staff to reveal the glowing, torch-bright orb at the end. She absentmindedly polished it with the hood before carefully folding the hood into her pocket.

Down again in the dark. Indigo was curious to see what magic items she might find nearby, but the dungeon befuddled her seek magic spell. With a curse, she followed Urdor and the others. For a stumpy little dwarf, Urdor moved surprisingly quickly through the Undermountain. He did not seem to be very interested in exploring the nooks and crannies or even whether or not the rest of the party was actually following him. Indigo cursed some more and hurried to keep up.

They headed towards what looked like a well on the map thinking that folks would go to it to gather water. But, finding someone to setup a meeting with proved to be surprisingly hard. First, there were some boring old City Guards. Then there were some mindlessly nasty Ghouls. By the time they stumbled across the Chain Monster, Indigo was itching to do something interesting.

So maybe lobbing explosive fireballs at a 5 foot floating mass of chains wasn’t the best idea. She was darned surprised when the creature took her worst and keeping floating towards them, ever so slightly melted and for a moment glowing red hot. She gulped and realized that perhaps pissing it off hadn’t been very smart. Still, she decided to throw one more fireball before they fled, even if it wouldn’t stop it. She never expected what came next.

The blast of heat was overwhelming. Somehow the fireball had slipped out of her hands as she was getting ready to throw it, landed at her feet, and exploded. Burning, burning, burning and agony filled her mind. Snippets of Urdor dragging her away. Someone pouring something into her mouth a few times and a sense of intense relief as the pain faded. The first thing that she clearly remembered was the return of her sense of smell and the repulsive smell of her own burnt flesh, clothes, and hair.

After healing herself some more, she realized that the awful Chain Monster was gone and they were now in another room fighting some Gnolls. Indigo was surprised to see the perpetually tough and agile Melora looking ready to die, so she ran over and quickly healed her. Then, Indigo watched the last of the gnolls being offed by Urdor and wondered why he always always ALWAYS seemed to attack other folks groins. Maybe he was just embittered about his height.

While everyone else pilfered the corpses, she eyed her burnt remnants of clothing but decided that she would rather be mostly naked and cold down here rather than get lice from the stinky, blood-stained clothes that the gnolls had been wearing. She went to flip her braid back as was her habit and realized that all her hair had burned away.

In the next room, they discovered that what they had thought was a well on the map was actually perhaps a trap or some part of a trash disposal system. It mysteriously yanked the lamp from Gustav’s hand as he leaned over to look down. How fascinating this place was! Indigo could not resist her curiousity. She gleefully dragged a corpse from the next room and heaved it over the edge of the pit to watch the mechanism in action. The pit yanked the corpse down into its depths and the corpse strangely vanished.

Finally, they found some Orcs and Indigo admired the stealthiness of Melora as she snuck away to spy on them. A little while later, Urdor convinced them meet with Waylan in one day. One the way back, they stumbled into some Goblins in the same spot as last time and they weren’t interested in talking. She had to agree with the others that they were pretty easy to kill. Gustav even invented a new martial art style he called slapstick that seemed pretty effective against these foes.

By the time they got back to the Yawning Portal, Indigo was too tired to be embarrassed about her near nakedness and her total hairlessness. Still, she was glad that they had returned after the crowds had all gone home and that the streets were mostly empty as she made her way back to Blackstaff Tower.

After sleeping the rest of the night away, she woke refreshed and admired her bald head. She actually liked how smooth and silky her hairless skin felt. So what if some folks thought it weird that she had no hair, eyebrows, or eyelashes. She liked it and decided to keep her new look. She did, however, put some decent clothes back on and bought a new leather jacket to replace her old one on the way back to the Yawning Portal.

She looked forward to delving into the dungeon again and wondered if the foppish Waylan would piss himself down there or keep his cool. She was going to bet on the pissing part.

Indigo's thoughts on session 1

Indigo sighed and fiddled with her long braid of hair as Finnegan described her next contract. It was going to be a simple meet and hand off assignment, yet again. At least this one was in the Undermountain. Someday, he would see her real worth and send her on some more challenging assignment. Indigo idly wondered yet again if Finnegan had really been the serious adventurer that his reputation suggested and why-oh-why he would take such a boring job at the Adventurer’s Guild.

Still, it was easy cash and hand offs tend to go quickly, so she signed the contract and went down to the Undermountain through the Yawning Portal with Melora, Gustav Corsaro, and Urdor. Indigo grinned as they went down in style during the busiest time of the night with much cheering from the other patrons of the Yawning Portal.

Indigo was excited to finally see the dark, muffled passages of the uppermost Dungeon Level. She felt strangely at home here. Other than a small run in with Goblins, the assignment was pretty uneventful. Easy cash. Indigo vowed that next time would be more exciting.


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