Waterdeep, City of Splendors

Depending on who you ask, Waterdeep is either a shining beacon of culture, a wretched hive of scum and villainy, or anywhere in between: a vital and bustling hub of trade from around the world, a locus of activity for would-be adventurers and mercenaries, a center of learning, faith, and travel … the city is something different to everyone, and nearly everything to someone. Nestled at the foot of a lone peak on the best natural harbor along the Sword Coast, and at the convergence of the major roads of the North and West, its piers and gates see ships, caravans, and travelers from the farthest corners of the Realms. Old world nobles, rich merchants, influential high priests, and mighty arch-mages all indulge in their intrigues, vying for wealth and power in the legendary city.

Undermountain, Dungeons of the Mad Mage

And beneath the streets and sewers lie the ancient ruins of Undermountain, a vast and fabled complex of caverns and passages that has, through the centuries, played host to lost dwarven clans, ruthless dark elves, ancient archmages, unnameable horrors, and untold treasures. For a thousand years, it’s said, the Mad Mage ruled the dungeons, shaping them to his twisted will, hiding his treasures behind devious traps and deadly creatures. And for as long as the city above has existed, a small but steady trickle of the brave and foolhardy have ventured into the legendary dungeons below in search of fortune and glory. Most return battered and bruised, with tales of horrors unimagined, if they return at all … but enough lucky souls bring back riches, as much as they can carry, and tales of vast hoards of which their spoils were only the smallest trifles, that the ventures continue.

Splendors and Shadow is a GURPS, 4th Edition campaign using a modified version of the Dungeon Fantasy campaign frame, in a customized version of the classic Forgotten Realms setting.

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