Wood Elf

Kin to the spirits of the forest, wood elves are the vigilant shadows among the trees, master archers and instinctive naturalists. While not as innately magical as the high elves, they have some inherent connection to the mystical, and nature magic is a fundamental part of their society. Rustic and reserved around strangers, they share the high elves’ connection to nature, but care little for refined manners and elaborate social graces. Wood elf adventurers are most likely to be rangers, wizards, bards, and/or druids – but those who could be called druids are usually nature-mages rather than priests of a particular nature god. More urban or technical professions (rogue, gadgeteer), those that involve heavy weapons or armor (fighter, barbarian), and those that require supplication to deities (cleric, paladin), are generally distasteful to wood elves.

Wood elves are sleek and wiry – figure height and weight for their ST (p. B18), but use the Skinny column for weight (overweight elves are virtually nonexistent). Complexion and coloring varies by region and season: those living in snowy climes are pale and their hair is light, if not white; in warmer and greener places, their skin tans and their hair turns emerald or pine green; until autumn, when the tan deepens and their hair turns red or brown with the leaves, before fading again to white with the coming of winter.

Wood Elf Template (45 points)
Attributes: ST -1 (-10), DX +1 (20), Per +2 (10).
Languages: Elvish (Native), Common (Fluent) (6).
Advantages: Appearance: Attractive (4), Animal or Plant Empathy (pick one) (5), Magery 0 (5), Night Vision 5 (5), Silence 1 (5), Talent: Outdoorsman +1 (10), Telescopic Vision 1 (5), Perk: Elven Gifts* (1).
Disadvantages: Sense of Duty: Life & Nature* (-15), Skinny (-5), Quirk: Uncongenial (-1).

Sense of Duty: Life & Nature (-15 points) – Elves feel a connection to all life, and in particular to unspoiled nature. This doesn’t mean that they can’t hunt or kill (death and predation are parts of nature), nor even that they’re opposed to crafting and using objects out of plants or animals, but they will never tolerate wanton destruction, needless slaughter, mass logging, pollution, poaching, or other activities which have a destructive impact on the ecosystem.

Elven Gifts – In addition to the Racial Power-Ups available to all elves, as listed on DF11 p. 41, wood elves may buy the following optional traits, either during creation, or with earned character points:

  • Appearance, up to Transcendent (20)
  • Dark Vision (25) (upgrade from Night Vision 5) for 20 points
  • Detect: Life – Specific (e.g., Wolves) (5)
    • Small Class (e.g. All Canines) (10)
    • Large Class (e.g. All Mammals) (20)
    • All Life (30)
  • Silence (up to 3) (5/level)
  • Speak w/ Animals (must have Animal Empathy) (25)
  • Speak w/ Plants (must have Plant Empathy) (15)
  • Talent: Outdoorsman (up to 6) (10/level)
  • Telescopic Vision (up to 3) (5/level)

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Wood Elf

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