Waterfront Kickboxing

A martial artist with this style learned his art in the mean streets of the Dock Ward rather than the Far East. Such a character has learned from one of the rare, gnomic masters of the style who drift the waterfronts of the West, collecting techniques and bits of fighting lore by exercising his art with any worthy (if not always willing) foe he meets. Such a character uses the normal martial artist template, applying the lens below. While the style doesn’t specifically teach weapons, many practitioners are skilled in common nautical weapons (Shortsword skill for cutlass or belaying pin, etc); others favor an exotic weapon that they’ve come across in their travels. A kickboxer’s Disciplines of Faith tend to be an eclectic mishmash of physical exercises, herbal concoctions, and foreign superstitions, but have all the same game effects as normal Chi Rituals.

Martial Artist Lens: Waterfront Kickboxer (0 points)
Advantages: Reduce Chi Talent 2 (30) to Chi Talent 1 (15); add Combat Reflexes (15), and Style Familiarity (Waterfront Kickboxing) (1). • Spend only 19 points (instead of 20) on Chi abilities.
Disadvantages: Disciplines of Faith (Chi Rituals) (-10) as for a standard martial artist; choose the other -40 points in disadvantages from the swashbuckler’s list, instead of the martial artist’s.
Skills: Replace Judo (H) with Wrestling (A) of one level higher. • Add Carousing (H) HT (1)-12; Gambling (A) IQ-1 (1)-9; Scrounging (E) Per (1)-10; Seamanship (E) IQ (1)-10; and Streetwise (A) IQ-1 (1)-9 to the list of background skill options.
Special Abilities: Optionally, points in the martial artist template that are designated for Chi abilities, optional advantages, or special skills may be spent on Style Perks and Power-Ups from the Waterfront Kickboxing style instead.

Waterfront Kickboxing
A unique form of fighting that evolved in dockside bars in up and down the Sword Coast, and pirate dives throughout the Inner Sea, this style has been honed by brawlers throughout the West. It contains a wide variety of kicks and other non-traditional moves, many learned by drunken sailors who picked a fight with the wrong visiting Kara-Turan monk.

Note: A character who isn’t a martial artist (and thus lacks Trained by a Master) may learn the Waterfront Kickboxing style, though may not learn any cinematic Style Perks or Power-Ups, nor those for exotic weapons.

Style Skills: Karate; Wrestling.

Style Power-Ups
In addition to the perks and power-ups listed below, a Waterfront Kickboxer can choose any one exotic weapon, and learn the perks and power-ups listed for that weapon as though they were style traits for the Waterfront Kickboxing style. Anyone with this style may also buy the Street-Smart talent (DF11, p. 35), up to level 4, as a professional power-up.

Flying Jump Kick (8 points)
Prerequisites: Trained by a Master.
Make a Flying Jump Kick at your full Karate skill. See p. MA83.
Technique: Flying Jump Kick (H) Karate+0 (8).

Kicking Mastery (3 points for Level 1; 8 points for Level 2)
At Level 1, use unmodified Karate for normal kicks; at Level 2, use Karate+4. See pp. B231, and MA75.
Perk: (Level 2) Technique Mastery (Kicking) (1).
Technique: (Level 1) Kicking (H) Karate+0 (3). • (Level 2) Kicking (H) Karate+4 (4).

Neck Snap (8 points)
Use ST+3 when attempting a Neck Snap. See p. MA77.
Technique: Neck Snap (H) ST+3 (8).

Roll With Blow (3 points)
Prerequisites: Trained by a Master.
Use full Wrestling skill when attempting to Roll with Blow. See p. MA87.
Techniques: Roll with Blow* (H) Wrestling+0 (3).

Shins of Steel (8 points)
Prerequisites: Trained by a Master.
Your shins count as strikers — your kicks are treated as armed attacks for the purpose of parries, and add 1 damage per die to all kicks; your legs have DR 2 (Tough Skin), which stacks normally with all other DR; and you get plus 3 to ST or HT to resist Leg Lock, Wrench Leg, and other such attacks on your legs.
Advantages: DR 2 (Chi, -10%; Partial, Legs, -20%; Tough Skin, -40%) (3); Striker (Crushing; Chi, -10%; Shin, -20%) (4).
Perk: Iron Legs (1).

Style Perks (1/perk)

Drunken Fighting – See p. MA50, DF11, p. 30, or PU2, p. 5.

Improvised Weapons (Karate) – See p. MA50, or PU2, p. 6.

Power Grappling – See p. MA51, or PU2, p. 7.

Sheer Speed – Requires Trained by a Master. See DF11, p. 35.

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Waterfront Kickboxing

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