Traditional Rapier Dueling

In this traditional style of rapier fencing, practitioners orient themselves at a right angle to the opponent, offering a smaller target. The style doesn’t teach use of a second weapon or off-hand defense, though individual practitioners sometimes pick one up from other schools. The style makes use of long thrusts and lunges, and constant leaping footwork. Defensively, the fencer uses blade and mobility to keep the opponent far away, in order to make use of the style’s great reach.

Style Skills: Jumping; Rapier.

Style Power-Ups

Attack and Fly Out (5 points)
Prerequisites: Weapon Master (Rapier).
By making a Jumping roll, you can still retreat after making a Committed Attack or Move and Attack. This technique cannot be combined with Lunging Step, below; you can only benefit from one or the other in a given turn.
Perk: Unique Technique (Attack and Fly Out) (1).
Technique: Attack and Fly Out (H) Jumping+0 (4).

Counterattack (6 points for Level 1; 11 points for Level 2)
You can make a quick Counterattack with your rapier after successfully defending; use full Rapier skill at Level 1, Rapier+4 at Level 2. See p. MA70.
Perk: (Level 2) Technique Mastery (Counterattack, Rapier) (1).
Technique: (Level 1) Counterattack (H) Rapier+0 (6). • (Level 2) Counterattack (H) Rapier+4 (4).

Flying Lunge (5 points)
Execute a Flying Lunge (p. MA83) with your full Rapier skill. You can make a Jumping-4 roll to avoid falling if you miss, or your target defends successfully.
Technique: Flying Lunge (H) Rapier+0 (5).

Lunging Step (4 points)
Prerequisites: Weapon Master (Rapier).
Roll vs. Jumping to add plus 1 reach or plus 1 hex move to an All-Out or Committed Attack, without incurring any penalty to hit. Failure gives no bonus movement, but a -2 to all your attacks until your next turn; critical failure means you tripped and fell.
Perk: Unique Technique (Lunging Step) (1).
Technique: Lunging Step* (H) Jumping+0 (3).

Style Perks (1/perk)

Fancy Footwork – You can attempt an Acrobatic Dodge (p. B375) using your Jumping skill in place of Acrobatics; you can attempt Evading (p. 368) using Jumping in place of DX; and you can make kicking attacks using Jumping-2.

Follow-Through (Rapier) – See DF11, p. 11, or PU2, p. 15.

Sheer Speed – Requires Weapon Master (Rapier). See DF11, p. 35.

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Traditional Rapier Dueling

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