Tiger Style

This style uses exotic hand strikes to target vital spots with deadly precision and force. Weapon choices tend to be those capable of making pressure-points strikes (see below).

Style Skill: Karate.

Style Power-Ups
In addition to the normal Chi skills available to all martial artists, a master of the Tiger Style can learn variants of the Pressure Points and Pressure Secrets skills to apply to any weapon capable of thrust-crushing attacks – Smallsword (for short staff), Staff, Tonfa, etc. Each melee weapon skill requires its own specialized Chi skill(s).

Iron Fists (5 points)
Add 1 damage per die to punches and hand strikes, and your hands have DR 2 (Tough Skin), which stacks with any other DR you have.
Advantages: Blunt Claws (Chi, -10%) (3); DR 2 (Chi, -10%; Partial, Hands, -40%; Tough Skin, -40%) (2).

Lethal Strike (3 points)
Prerequisites: Trained by a Master.
Use your full Karate skill when making a Lethal Strike. See p. MA85.
Technique: Lethal Strike (H) Karate+0 (3).

Pressure-Point Strike (3 points/skill)
Prerequisites: Trained by a Master; Pressure Points.
Normally learned for Karate, to make unarmed pressure-point attacks, this power-up can also be bought to apply to any appropriate weapon skill (see above); each skill requires its own power-up, as well as its own version of the Pressure Points (and/or Pressure Secrets) skill. See p. MA87.
Technique: Pressure-Point Strike (H) Skill+0 (3).

Style Perks (1/perk)

Chi Resistance (Pressure Points or Pressure Secrets) – See p. MA50 or PU2, p. 19.

Deft Hands – This perk has two forms – Pressure Points and Pressure Secrets; each must be purchased separately. For the chosen skill, use DX instead of IQ. Requires Trained by a Master.

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Tiger Style

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