Sembian Cloak and Smallsword Style

This style is considered largely defensive by most outsiders; it’s similar to that used by a Sembian matador in a bullfight. It makes extensive use of footwork and dodging, often with the goal of tiring the opponent out, but its deep thrusts are deadly when administered. The style’s signature is its extensive use of the cloak for defense, distraction, and interference.

Sembian-style swashbucklers may trade Enhanced Parry for Enhanced Block (Cloak) if desired, and can buy to Enhanced Block 3 [5/level] with starting points or as a power-up. They may spend 5 discretionary advantage or earned points to upgrade Weapon Master to cover Cloak, which reduces the penalty for multiple blocks (if allowed), adds 1 to ST for cloak grapples if Cloak skill is DX+1, or 2 if skill is DX+2 or better, and makes certain advanced style power-ups available.

Style Skills: Acrobatics; Cloak; Smallsword.

Style Power-Ups

Cloak Grapple (3 points for Level 1; 8 points for Level 2)
Attempt an Armed Grapple (p. MA76) with your Cloak skill – unmodified at Level 1, Cloak+4 at Level 2).
Perk: (Level 2) Technique Mastery (Armed Grapple, Cloak) (1).
Technique: (Level 1) Armed Grapple (H) Cloak+0 (3). • (Level 2) Armed Grapple (H) Cloak+4 (4).

Cloak Snap (5 points for Level 1; 8 points for Level 2)
Make a Feint with Cloak+4 to skill at Level 1, or Cloak+6 at Level 2 (the normal penalty for off-hand use applies, unless you have Off-Hand Weapon Training).
Perk: (Level 2) Technique Mastery (Feint, Cloak) (1).
Technique: (Level 1) Feint (H) Cloak+4 (5). • (Level 2) Feint (H) Cloak+6 (2).

Evade (5 points)
When attempting to evade a foe (p. B368), you use Acrobatics+5. See p. MA71.
Technique: Evade (A) Acrobatics+5 (5).

Matador’s Strike (7 points)
Prerequisites: Weapon Master (Smallsword).
This maneuver is a variant Counterattack (p. MA70), and like that technique, can only be used on your turn immediately after a successful active defense, and only on the attacker against whom you defended. Your defense must have been a Retreating Block or Dodge (but not a Parry), and it must have been made against an attacker that moved at least two hexes before attacking.
When made as part of this technique, a Retreating Dodge or Retreating Cloak-Block moves you to the side instead of away, effectively side-slipping the attack (without the -1 penalty for a normal Sideslip, p. MA124). Unlike a regular Retreating Block, this one gets the full plus 3, as for a fencing parry. As a part of the retreat, you automatically pivot to face the attacker’s flank; assuming you make a thrusting attack against that foe on your next turn, he’s at -4 to Parry, or -3 to Dodge or Block (-2 or -1 as for a Counterattack, -2 for being flanked), in addition to any other defense mods (for his maneuver, etc). Your attack can be of any valid type (normal, All-Out, Committed, Rapid Strike, etc); the defense penalty applies only to sword thrust attacks, but to all of them if you make multiple strikes. If you choose to attack the target’s vitals (normally -3 to skill, or -10 through armor chinks), reduce the penalty by -1 (this maneuver puts you in an optimal position for such a strike).
Perk: Unique Technique (Matador’s Strike) (1).
Technique: Matador’s Strike* (H) Smallsword+0 (6).

Sword and Cloak (6 points)
Prerequisites: Weapon Master (Smallsword and Cloak).
Two-Weapon Fighting (DF11, p. 13), specialized for the Smallsword and Cloak pair.
Perk: Off-Hand Weapon Training (Cloak) (1).
Technique: Dual-Weapon Attack* (H) Smallsword & Cloak+0 (5).

Style Perks (1/perk)

Acrobatic Kicks – See PU2, p. 5.

Akimbo (Cloak & Smallsword) – Requires Weapon Master (Cloak & Smallsword). See PU2, p. 5.

Cloaked – See PU2, p. 14.

Flourish (Cloak) – See DF11, p. 11, or PU2, p. 15.

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Sembian Cloak and Smallsword Style

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