Rumors and Legends

Although the Eye is the predominant criminal power in the area, and exerts great influence over the upper levels of Undermountain, thieves and thugs whisper of another crime guild slowly building inroads to the city by way of the dungeons below. The Shadow Thieves, who were long ago cast out of Waterdeep, yearn to bring it back into their growing underworld empire—said to span several cities, kingdoms, and nations of the south.

A number of faiths not welcome in the city above have established shrines and temples of various sizes in the upper levels of Undermountain. Which sects/cults have done so, and which ones are still there, is a subject of debate and speculation; popular candidates include Cyric, God of Deception and Murder; Loviatar, Goddess of Pain; and Shar, Goddess of Darkness.

Somewhere on the Sargauth Level of the dungeon, there is a stronghold of benevolent / “reformed” dark elves, who offer aid to friendly surface folk caught in the depths.

In the deepest bowels of the dungeons, below The Port of Shadow and the River Sargauth, a great war rages between dark elves, deep dwarves, and the unnameable horrors of the deep. Surfacers or adventurers caught in the midst of the war are likely to end up as slave-soldiers on one side or another.

The old Masked Lords of Waterdeep used to condemn those who crossed them to the Exile – to be cast into Undermountain without weapons or supplies, barred from all known exits and hounded into the depths to find their fate. None are known to have survived this sentence.

It’s said that those who spend a lot of time in the dungeons below slowly succumb to madness – a growing obsession to delve ever-deeper into the caverns and passages, eventually accompanied by gnawing paranoia, violent covetousness, sudden psychotic rages, bouts of cannibalism, or sometimes, an overwhelming desire to be entombed within. Whether this is an insidious enchantment of the Mage Mage’s making, or simply the effects of darkness, isolation, and terror, it’s commonly agreed that spending too much time Down There is trying on the sanity.

Rumors and Legends

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