Common among wizards, peasants, and anyone more likely to carry a walking stick than a broadsword – as well as among pikesmen and other soldiers trained to use their pole weapons as staffs if the heads break off, and martial artists who study exotic staff styles to supplement their unarmed abilities. Largely defensive, the style includes leg-sweeps and “clothesline” attacks to knock better-armed opponents over.

Style Skill: Staff.

Style Power-Ups

Armed Grapple (3 points)
You can attempt to grapple an opponent with your full Staff skill. See. p. MA67.
Technique: Armed Grapple (H) Staff+0 (3).

Flawless Defense (5 points)
Prerequisites: Trained by a Master or Weapon Master (Staff).
When using a staff, you ignore the penalties to parry Dual-Weapon, flanking, and run-around attacks. See pp. MA83 & 89.
Technique: Dual-Weapon Defense (H) Staff Parry+0 (2); Timed Defense (H) Staff Parry+0 (3).

Sweep (4 points for Level 1; 9 points for Level 2)
You can attempt to knock an opponent down with your full Staff skill at Level 1, and Staff+4 at Level 2. See p. MA81.
Perk: (Level 2) Technique Mastery (Sweep, Staff) (1).
Technique: (Level 1) Sweep (H) Staff+0 (4). • (Level 2) Sweep (H) Staff+4 (4).

Style Perks

Grip Mastery (Staff) – See p. MA50, or PU2, p. 6.

Shoves and Tackles (Staff) – See PU2, p. 7.

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