Order of the Radiant Heart

The hospitaller knights of the Order of the Radiant Heart, based in the lands of Amn, formed to protect pilgrims and aid injured travelers in the South. As the order has grown, it has established stronghold along the roads of the South and West, including temples (or at least wings of the local Holy Triad temple) all along the Sword Coast. Members are distributed equally among ecumenical clerics and holy warriors (mostly venerating the Holy Triad) and dedicated champions of each member of the Triad, with small minorities of other holy champions – of Helm, Lathander, etc.

Cleric or Holy Warrior Lens: Paladin of the Radiant Heart (50 points)
Attributes: +1 ST (10); +1 DX (20).
Secondary Characteristics: -0.25 Basic Speed (-5).
Advantages: Charisma 1 (5); Combat Reflexes (15); High Pain Threshold (10); Born War Leader 1 (5), or upgrade Born War Leader to level 2 for 5 points.
Disadvantage: Code of Honor (Paladin) (-15). (This precludes taking any of the Codes of Honor from the holy warrior’s list of options.)
Skills: Armoury (Body Armor or Melee Weapons) and Heraldry, both (A) IQ-1 (1)-11; Public Speaking (A) IQ (1)-12 (including bonus from Charisma); Riding (Horse) (A) DX-1 (1)-12 (or 1 point to raise existing skill by one level); Savoir-Faire (High Society) (E) IQ (1)-12.
Power-ups: For the purpose of power-ups, Paladins of the Radiant Heart are clerics or holy warriors with the knight lens. Most focus on improving their martial and holy abilities; the latter is sometimes accomplished by taking the cleric-holy warrior lens (DF3, p. 22) or the holy warrior-cleric lens (DF3, p. 26), while others improve their wilderness abilities and pick up some archery skills with the scout lens (pp. 23 or 27).

Code of Honor (Paladin)
Protect the good and innocent, and especially the holy and faithful. Uphold laws that are just; defend the virtue of a lady, the honor of the Church, and the sanctity of the divine. Show no fear or cowardice in the fight against evil (though you don’t have to charge it suicidally – sometimes discretion really is the better part of valor), but neither dishonor yourself or your faith by committing evil or treacherous acts in battle.

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Order of the Radiant Heart

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