Money and Equipment

Cost of Living

Average cost of living in Waterdeep is $600 per month, or $150 per week. This covers food, lodging, ordinary clothes appropriate to the season, and other basics of survival. More extravagant living standards are correspondingly more expensive; see the Cost of Living Table, p. B265.

Exchange Rates

1 silver piece = $1 on GURPS equipment tables.
1 gold piece is worth 25 silver pieces ($25).
1 platinum piece is worth 4 gold ($100).
1 copper piece is 1/10 silver piece ($0.10).


Basic Adventuring Gear can be purchased from the lists in Chapter 5: Gear of DF1 (pp. 23-30), or from the appropriate tech levels (TL4 or lower) from Chapter 8: Equipment in the Basic Set (pp. 288-289).

Weapons of TL4 and below from the Basic Set are also available (pp. 267-276, and TL4 firearms on pp. 278-279); more exotic weapons can be found in Chapter 6: Weapons and Equipment of Martial Arts (pp. 211-234) and Chapter 5: Weapons of Low-Tech (pp. 53-78), and additional TL4 guns can be found in Pyramid 3.36: Dungeon Fantasy, p. 20.

Armor of TL4 and below can be purchased piecemeal from the Basic Set (pp. 283-284; shield on 287), or by the suit.

Magical items, including potions and minor enchantments, can be purchased from the list in Chapter 5: Gear of DF1 (pp. 28-30). The cost of any enchantments are added to that of the base item – enchantments requiring 100 energy or less cost $1 per energy point; larger enchantments cost $20 per energy point. Power-stones use the rules in Magic (pp. 20 & 69), rather than the rules for power items in DF1.

Exceptional or Magical Items may be purchased as Signature Gear (p. B85) with GM approval; each point buys non-expendable gear worth ½ the character’s base starting wealth (i.e., 1 point = $1,000 for TL4 characters). A character may only buy starting equipment, Signature Gear or otherwise, of his native TL or lower.

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Money and Equipment

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