Mantis Style

A distinctive and largely defensive grappling style that focuses on catching and disabling an enemy’s arm or weapon.

Style Skill: Judo.

Style Power-Ups

Disarming (6 points)
Use Judo+5 when attempting unarmed disarming. See p. B230 or MA70.
Technique: Disarming (H) Judo+5 (6).

Hand-Clap Parry (6 points)
Prerequisites: Trained by a Master.
Perform a two-handed Judo parry (at full skill) against an armed opponent to stop the blow and trap the weapon. On subsequent turns, you can attempt to disarm a trapped weapon. See p. MA84.
Technique: Hand-Clap Parry (H) Judo Parry+0 (6).

Roll With Blow (3 points)
Prerequisites: Trained by a Master.
Roll vs. full Judo skill when attempting to Roll with Blow. See p. MA87.
Techniques: Roll with Blow (H) Judo+0 (3).

Sweep (4 points for Level 1; 9 points for Level 2)
You attempt to knock an opponent over with your full Judo skill at Level 1, or Judo+4 at Level 2. See p. MA81.
Perk: (Level 2) Technique Mastery (Sweep, Judo) (1).
Techniques: (Level 1) Sweep (H) Judo+0 (4). • (Level 2) Sweep (H) Judo+4 (4).

Wrench Arm (9 points)
You can attempt to wrench a grappled foe’s arm using Judo+3. See p. MA82.
Perk: Technique Adaptation (Wrench Arm uses Judo) (1).
Technique: Wrench Arm (H) Judo+3 (8).

Style Perks (1/perk)

Power Grappling – See p. MA51, or PU2, p. 7.

Technique Adaptation (Disarming) – You can take the Disarming power-up for any melee skill; each skill requires its own power-up. See p. MA52 or PU2, p. 17.

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Mantis Style

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