Knights of St Vigius

As much a part of the city of Waterdeep as of the Church of the Holy Triad, the the Knights of St. Vigius are a crusader order that formed during the city’s tumultuous frontier days, around a pious and charismatic knight of Torm who organized aggressive counter-strikes against the orc, goblin, and barbarian tribes that harried trade and travelers in the region. The successful campaign eventually grew into a crusade, then a sweeping pogrom that sought to make the region “safe for civilized and god-fearing people.” Vigius was canonized after his heroic death, battling the last (known) dragon in the area; the order that bears his name remains among Waterdeep’s most stalwart and fanatical defenders. These days, the order is an official part of the City Watch, special investigators who uphold city law as well as Church law. The order is roughly equally composed primarily of champions of the Holy Triad; those that serve a specific member of the Triad favor Tyr and Torm equally, with a minority serving Ilmater, and even a handful of others – Kelemvor, Lathander, and other holy deities, as well as a few ecumenical holy warriors. (The Justiciar template, from which this template borrows and to which it refers, appears in Pyramid 3.10 – Crime and Grime, p. 4.)

Justiciar Lens: Paladin of St. Vigius (50 points)
Attributes: +1 ST (10); +1 HT (10).
Secondary Characteristics: -0.25 Basic Speed (-5).
Advantages: Higher Purpose 1 (Slay Demons or Undead) (5); Holiness 2 (10); Shtick (Foes slain personally can’t rise as undead) (1).
Disadvantages: Code of Honor (Paladin) (-15).
Skills: Exorcism (H) Will-1 (2)-13; Hidden Lore (Demons or Undead) (A) IQ (2)-14; Religious Ritual, Tactics, and Theology, all (H) IQ-1 (2)-13.
Special Abilities: 25 spent on Holy abilities from the appropriate deity/realm.
Power-ups: For the purpose of power-ups, Knights of St. Vigius are both justiciars and holy warriors. They can always buy Holy abilities, as well as Holiness up to 6 (5/level); some become full clergy by taking the Holy Warrior-Cleric lens (DF3, p. 26), while others improve their combat abilities by taking the Holy Warrior-Knight, Scout, or Swashbuckler lenses (DF3, p. 27).

Code of Honor (Paladin)
Protect the good and innocent, and especially the holy and faithful. Uphold laws that are just; defend the virtue of a lady, the honor of the Church, and the sanctity of the divine. Show no fear or cowardice in the fight against evil (though you don’t have to charge it suicidally – sometimes discretion really is the better part of valor), but neither dishonor yourself or your faith by committing evil or treacherous acts in battle.

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Knights of St Vigius

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