High Elf

Of all the fey and enigmatic races of elves, the high elves are perhaps the closest and most open to congress with humanity, but in other ways are the most arcane and aloof. Natural wizards and artists, they bring magic and artistic beauty into virtually every aspect of their lives – from archery and swordplay to music and craft to everyday tasks. High elven adventurers tend to be wizards, bards, swordsmen, or rangers, or some combination. Whatever their focus, they are likely to know at least a few spells that enhance or relate to their skill at it. Those who focus primarily on magic can become among the most powerful wizards in the world. High elven clerics and paladins are rare, however – elvish religion doesn’t revere particular gods, but has a pantheistic reverence for magic and life itself. Even those elves that other races would call “priests” are generally wizards, and elven champions (such as the Storm Knights) use battle magic rather than Holy Might. Though their agility and cunning might lend well to the skills of the rogue, most consider such pursuits to be beneath them. Likewise, elven gadgeteers are virtually unheard of.

High elves are tall and slender – figure height and weight for their ST (p. B18), but add 2 inches to height and use the Skinny column for weight (overweight elves are virtually nonexistent). Their coloring is pale and delicate, their skin often tinted with gold or silver to match their hair and eyes.

High Elf Template (45 points)
Attributes: ST -1 (-10), DX +1 (20), IQ +1 (20).
Languages: Elvish (Native), Common (Fluent) (6).
Advantages: Appearance: Attractive (4), Magery 1 (15), Magic Resistance (Improved) +1 (5), Night Vision 5 (5), Talent: Gifted Artist or Musical Ability (pick one) +1 (5), Perk: Elven Gifts* (1).
Disadvantages: Code of Honor: Elven Grace* (-5), Sense of Duty: Life & Nature* (-15), Skinny (-5), Quirk: Chauvinistic (-1).

Code of Honor: Elven Grace (-5 points) – Always conduct yourself with style and grace; appreciate and protect beauty and good taste; answer respect with respect, honor with honor; face disrespect or dishonor with stern, uncompromising dignity.

Sense of Duty: Life & Nature (-15 points) – Elves feel a connection to all life, and in particular to unspoiled nature. This doesn’t mean that they can’t hunt or kill (death and predation are parts of nature), nor even that they’re opposed to crafting and using objects out of plants or animals, but they will never tolerate wanton destruction, needless slaughter, mass logging, pollution, poaching, or other activities which have a destructive impact on the ecosystem.

Elven Gifts – In addition to the Racial Power-Ups available to all elves, as listed on DF11 p. 41, high elves may buy the following optional traits, either during creation, or with earned character points:

  • Appearance up to Transcendent (20)
  • Dark Vision (25) (upgrade from Night Vision 5) for 20 points.
  • Detect: Life – Specific (e.g., Wolves) (5)
    • Small Class (e.g. All Canines) (10)
    • Large Class (e.g. All Mammals) (20)
    • All Life (30)
  • Detect: Supernatural – Small Class (e.g., Fire Magic) (5)
    • Small Class (e.g. All Magic) (10)
    • Large Class (e.g. All Supernatural Beings or Phenomena) (20)
    • All Supernatural Beings and Phenomena (30)
  • Talent: Gifted Artist (up to +5) (5/level)
  • Talent: Musical Ability (up to +5) (5/level)

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High Elf

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