High and Low TL

Starting TL affects starting wealth, available gear, and technological (/TL) skills.

Magical Renaissance, TL4 is the default, and neither costs nor grants any characters points. Most civilized lands are at this level.

High Tech: Lantanese Wonder-Tech, TL5 (High TL 1; Unusual Background; Average starting wealth), allows the learning of TL5 skills and unpenalized use of TL5 gadgets. It’s common only among more technologically-inclined races (e.g., gnomes, some dwarves, etc), and certain fringe groups and individuals (technology cults, mad inventors, etc). This ability is included in the racial template for Lantan (Tinker) Gnomes; all others must buy High TL 1 along with a 5-point Unusual Background. 10 points.

Cutting Edge Training is the perk-level, single-skill version of High TL, allowing a normal (TL4) character to learn one specific TL5 skill. A character with High TL (such as a gnome) doesn’t need the ability; all others must buy the perk along with a 1-point Unusual Background. 2 points.

Low Tech: Dark Ages, TL3 (Low TL 1; Struggling starting wealth, i.e. 1,000 silver) prevents the character from learning TL4 skills, including Fencing and Guns skills. It’s common among those from rural regions, barbarians, and goblin-kin races, as well as those who deliberately eschew modern technology (e.g. druids). -15 points.

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High and Low TL

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