Halfling Knife Fighting

Knowing that they’ll never compete with the large races in terms of reach or heavy weapons and armor, halfling warriors have had to develop arts that capitalize on their natural advantages – speed, agility, and legendary skill with thrown weapons. This art uses a knife in each hand, hurling either as needed and instantly drawing new ones. It adapts the stances and footwork of fencing, optimized for small combatants.

Style Skills: Fast-Draw (Knife), Knife, and Thrown Weapon (Knife).

Style Power-Ups
In addition to the power-ups listed below, a Halfling Knife Fighter with Weapon Master (Knife) can learn the Throwing Art skill without the need for Trained by a Master.

Armor Chinks (5 or 6 points/skill)
When buying this power-up, you must specify which skill it applies to – Knife or Thrown Weapon (Knife) – and whether it applies to Torso Chinks or Vitals Chinks; you can buy the power-up multiple times, to cover both skills and/or both locations. See pp. B400 and MA68.
Technique: Targeted Attack (Torso Chinks) (H) Skill-4 (5/skill) or Targeted Attack (Vitals Chinks) (H) Skill-5 (6/skill).

Double-Draw (3 points)
Prerequisites: Weapon Master (Knives).
You can draw two knives at once with one hand, provided they’re close enough together to grab in a single motion (e.g. both on a bandolier or delver’s webbing). This is primarily useful in preparing to throw them all at once, but can also be used with the Quick-Swap perk to instantly ready a knife in each hand. Roll Fast-Draw normally (at the usual penalty if using your off hand, unless you have Ambidexterity or Off-Hand Training); success means that you have two knives in that hand, which are ready for throwing (see Rapid Strike with Thrown Weapons, p. MA120), but not for melee. To shift one knife to the other hand, thus making them both fully ready (for melee or throwing), take a single Ready maneuver; Quick Swap (Knife) allows you to do this as a free action. You can use this ability multiple times in a single turn, for example, to double-draw with both hands, or to draw two knives, throw them both, then draw two more; see Multiple Fast-Draw, p. MA103.
Perk: Unique Technique (Double-Draw) (1).
Technique: Double-Draw (H) Fast-Draw (Knife)+0 (2).

Dual-Knife Attack (6 points for either Knife or Thrown Weapon (Knife); 12 points for both)
Prerequisites: Weapon Master (Knives).
Two-Weapon Fighting (DF11, p. 13) for either Knife (in melee) or Thrown Weapon (Knife); if you have both, you can freely mix melee and missile knife attacks in a Dual-Weapon Attack.
Perk: Off-Hand Weapon Training (Knife or Thrown Weapon (Knife)) (1/skill).
Technique: Dual-Weapon Attack (H) Skill+0 (5/skill).

Rapid Throwing (5 points)
Prerequisites: Weapon Master (Knives).
You can throw a volley of knives at your enemies. When making a Rapid Strike with Thrown Weapons (p. MA120) using throwable knives, reduce the overall penalty for all attacks by -3. For example, a Weapon Master throwing three knives at once would normally face a -6 penalty to all three attacks; with Rapid Throwing, this is reduced to -3.
Perk: Unique Technique (Rapid Throwing) (1).
Technique: Rapid Throwing* (H) Thrown Weapon (Knife)+3 (4).

Style Perks (1/perk)

Dagger Defense – You ignore the normal -1 to Parry when fighting with a knife. This has no effect on knives that don’t normally suffer a penalty to parry.

Duelist’s Stance (Knife) – You may treat a knife as fencing weapon, effectively adding the F modifier to its Parry stat. When fighting this way, you suffer a penalty to your Knife skill equal to your encumbrance level, exactly as for a fencing weapon.

Grip Mastery (Knife) – See p. MA50, or PU2, p. 6.

Off-Hand Weapon Training (Fast-Draw (Knife)) – See PU2, p. 16.

Quick Swap (Knife) – See p. MA51, or PU2, p. 7.

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Halfling Knife Fighting

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