Half the height of a human (whence the name; they have various colloquial names for themselves, such as hobbits or shire-lings), halflings are very much like humans in their outlook and temperament. Often living in rural townships in human kingdoms, or minority communities in human cities, they participate fully in many aspects of human culture and civilization. Halfling adventurers are traditionally rogues of some sort; their size and agility makes them expert sneaks, with all the professional opportunities that implies. Fencing and light missile weapons allow halfling warriors, often scoffed at by larger races, to hold their own in battle. Halflings tend not to have much interest or aptitude in wizardry, though many devout clerics come from their people, generally revering mixed pantheons of traditional halfling and local human divinities.

Calculate height and weight normally for ST (p. B18), before racial ST modifier, then multiply height by 1/2 and weight by 1/4. The average ST 8 halfling is 2’7”-3’1” and 29 to 44 lbs. Halflings vary in complexion and coloring as much as the humans whose habitats they often share (or at least, live near). Their generally child-like appearance causes many to underestimate them, a fact which some use to their advantage.

A halfling has Size Modifier -2, regardless of height; see Tiny Tools, DF3 p. 8, for purchasing equipment. Halflings are big enough to wield SM 0 (human-sized) weapons at -2 to skill, and SM -1 weapons (e.g. gnomish) at -1; they can buy off this penalty with the optional perk Giant Weapons, below, which isn’t part of the racial template.

Halfling Template (10 points)
Attributes: ST -2 (-20), DX +1 (20), Per +1 (5), Move -1 (-5).
Languages: Common (Native).
Advantages: Flexibility (5), Silence 1 (5), Perk: Halfling Gifts* (1), Perk: Honest Face (1).
Disadvantages: Quirk: Congenial (-1), Quirk: Nosy (-1).

Halfling Gifts – In addition to the Racial Power-Ups listed in DF11, p. 42, halflings may buy the following optional traits, either during creation, or with earned character points:

  • Catfall (10)
  • Enhanced Dodge (up to 3) (15/level)
  • Double-Jointed (15) (upgrade from Flexibility) for 10 points
  • Perfect Balance (15)
  • Tough Feet (DR 1-2, Tough Skin, Feet Only) (1/level)

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