Half Wood Elf

More common in rural areas than more heavily settled regions, those half-elves who are descended from wood elf stock inherit their elven parent’s graceful features and keen senses. Many choose to develop the bond with nature that their elven blood allows, but the versatility of their human side allows them to pursue many kinds of careers. Their keen vision leads itself to archery or other sharpshooting, but they are hardly pigeonholed into the role of a ranger as their full-blooded wood elf ancestors tend to be.

Half-elves have roughly human build, perhaps a bit slimmer – figure height and weight normally for their ST (p. B18), but subtract 10 pounds from weight. They generally have the coloring and complexion of their human kin, but with the striking, angular features and highlights of the woodsy coloring of their elven ancestors.

Half-Elf (Wood) Template (20 points)
Attributes: Per +1 (5).
Languages: Elvish (Native), Common (Native) (6).
Advantages: Attractive (4), Telescopic Vision 1 (5), Perk: Elvish Blood* (1).
Disadvantages: Quirk: Half-Breed* (-1).

Half-Breed – While not treated with overt prejudice in most places by either humans or elves, half-elves tend not to fit well into either society. However, anyone who is ill-inclined toward elves or humans, or the idea of intermarriage between the two, is likely to take exception to them – they trigger any kind of Intolerance that encompasses any of the above.

Elven Blood – Half wood elves may buy any of the optional traits or racial power-ups available to full-blooded wood elves.

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Half Wood Elf

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