Half Orc

Seldom actually “half” anything in particular, most of the mongrel beast-men popularly called half-orcs are the product of generations of interbreeding among the offspring of orc rapine, mostly in human communities, but also including the blood of ogres and other such creatures. Tough, hearty, and dull, half-orc adventurers gravitate towards physical professions – mostly warriors, but sometimes rogues – and generally lack the intelligence and charisma to excel as mages or holy men.

A half-orc has the height and weight of a human with one level more ST. This makes the average half-orc the size of a ST 11 human: 5’5”-6’3” and 125-195 lbs. While the features of their human ethnicity are often recognizable, their orc heritage gives them a brutish and inhuman appearance.

Half-Orc Template (20 points)
Attributes: ST +1 (10), IQ -1 (-20), Per +1 (5), Will +1 (5).
Languages: Common (Native), Orckish (Fluent) (6).
Advantages: Night Vision 5 (5), Rapid Healing (5), Reduced Consumption 2 (Cast-Iron Stomach) (2), Resistant to Metabolic Hazards +3 (10), Perk: Orc Blood* (1).
Disadvantages: Appearance: Unattractive (-4), Social Stigma -1: Monster Blood* (-5).

Social Stigma -1: Monster Blood (-5 points) – Having the blood of a race that traditionally attacks humans on sight causes even the more tolerant societies to regard half-orcs with suspicion, if not outright prejudice.

Orc Blood – In addition to the Racial Power-Ups available to all goblin-kin (DF3, p. 42), half-orcs may buy the following optional traits, either during creation, or with earned character points:

  • Dark Vision (25) (upgrade from Night Vision 5) for 20 points
  • Discriminatory Smell (15)
  • Infravision (10)
  • Reduced Consumption (Cast-Iron Stomach, up to 4) (1/level)

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Half Orc

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