Half Ogre

Like the half-orc, a “half”-ogre tends most often to be an indeterminate mix of ogre, orc, human, and even troll or giant ancestors. In this case, the blood of a larger ancestor has given the character a giant stature, great strength and resilience, and an all-too-often dulled and bestial intellect.

A half-ogre’s build is figured from his ST before the racial modifier, increasing the listed height by 40% and multiplying weight by three. Thus, the average ST 15 half-ogre is 8 feet tall and weighs 435 lbs. Regardless of actual height, all half-ogres are SM +1, necessitating Armor for Giants (DF1, p. 28) and making Weapons for Giants (p. 27) feasible.

With both Increased Consumption and Reduced Consumption (Cast-Iron Stomach), half-ogres eat more in quantity, but don’t have to worry so much about the quality of their food. They consume twice as much food as a normal human (i.e. six meals a day), but this can be just about anything organic they get their hands on – they need only spend 10% normal cost on food.

Half-Ogre Template (30 points)
Attributes: ST +5 (45), IQ -2 (-40), HT +1 (10), Per +1 (5), Will +1 (5).
Languages: Common (Broken) (-4).
Advantages: DR 1 (Tough Skin) (3), Fearlessness 1 (2), High Pain Threshold (10), Night Vision 4 (4), Rapid Healing (5), Reduced Consumption 2 (Cast-Iron Stomach) (2), Resistant to Metabolic Hazards +3 (10), Perk: Ogre Blood* (1).
Disadvantages: Appearance: Ugly (-8), Gigantism (Size +1) (0); Increased Consumption 1 (-10), Social Stigma -2: Monster Blood* (-10).

Social Stigma -2: Monster Blood (-10 points) – In addition to their imposing size and bestial features, having the blood of a race with a reputation for eating babies causes even the more tolerant societies to treat half-ogres with some disdain.

Ogre Blood – In addition to the Racial Power-Ups available to all ogres (DF11, p. 43), half-ogres may buy the following optional traits, either during creation, or with earned character points:

  • Dark Vision (25) (upgrade from Night Vision 4), for 21 points
  • Discriminatory Smell (15)
  • Reduced Consumption 4 (Cast-Iron Stomach), reducing food costs to 2% normal (1 point)

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Half Ogre

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