Half High Elf

The children of unions between elves and humans are increasingly common as the two races come into more contact, and generations of mixed blood have resulted in second- and third-generation half-elves, mostly in human communities. Half-elves of high elven blood retain some of their predisposition for magic, while still keeping much of their human versatility. Consequently, they tend toward professions where they can apply magic, but vary widely from there in the details – half-elven warriors learn spells to enhance their combat prowess, and rogues favor magic of stealth and illusion. Those who embrace human religion tend towards faiths that allow them to integrate their magic into their spirituality. And those who focus on wizardry itself can come to rival their full-blooded elven ancestors in magical might.

Half-elves have roughly human build, perhaps a bit slimmer – figure height and weight normally for their ST (p. B18), but subtract 10 pounds from weight. They generally have the coloring and complexion of their human kin, but with the striking, angular features and silvery or golden highlights of their elven ancestors.

Half-Elf (High) Template (20 points)
Languages: Elvish (Native), Common (Native) (6).
Advantages: Appearance: Attractive (4), Magery 0 (5), Magic Resistance, Improved +1 (5), Perk: Elven Blood* (1).
Disadvantages: Quirk: Half-Breed* (-1).

Half-Breed – While not treated with overt prejudice in most places by either humans or elves, half-elves tend not to fit well into either society. However, anyone who is ill-inclined toward elves or humans, or the idea of intermarriage between the two, is likely to take exception to them – they trigger any kind of Intolerance that encompasses any of the above.

Elven Blood – Half high elves can buy any of the Racial Power-Ups or optional traits available to full-blooded high elves.

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Half High Elf

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