Half Dark Elf

Half-drow tend to be the children of dark elf rapine, whether in human communities subject to drow raids, or as later-generation slaves in drow communities. Their elven blood grants them a natural aptitude with magic, as well as the darkness-attuned senses needed to survive the Underdark.

Half-elves have roughly human build, perhaps a bit slimmer – figure height and weight normally for their ST (p. B18), but subtract 10 pounds from weight. They generally have the coloring and complexion of their human kin, but with a dark tint, striking features, and intense gemstone eyes of their elven heritage.

Half-Elf (Dark) Template (25 points)
Languages: Elvish (Native), Common (Accented) (4), Undercommon (Accented) (4).
Advantages: Appearance: Attractive (4), Magery 0 (5), Magic Resistance 1 (Improved) (5), Night Vision 7 (7), Perk: Drow Blood* (1).
Disadvantages: Social Stigma: Drow Blood* (-5).

Social Stigma: Drow Blood (-5 points) – Having the blood of a race that traditionally murders and enslaves humans and other surface races causes even more tolerant societies to regard half-drow with suspicion, if not outright prejudice.

Drow Blood – Half dark elves may take the Tunnel Skulker talent (up to 4) in place of Forest Guardian (DF3, p. 7) – substitute Crossbow for Bow and Survival (Underdark) for (Forest). In addition to the other Racial Power-Ups available to all elves (DF11, p. 41), they may buy the following optional traits, either during creation, or with earned character points:

  • Appearance up to Transcendent (20)
  • Dark Vision (25) (upgrade from Night Vision) for 18 points.
  • Detect: Supernatural – Small Class (e.g., Fire Magic) (5)
    • Small Class (e.g. All Magic) (10)
    • Large Class (e.g. All Supernatural Beings or Phenomena) (20)
    • All Supernatural Beings and Phenomena (30)
  • Magic Resistance (Improved), any level (5/level)
  • Silence, up to 3 (5/level)

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Half Dark Elf

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