Wonder-Bringer, God of Technology and Artifice

The patron of craft and innovation, Gond is a rising star in the Realms’ pantheon. His clergy has never been large, consisting mostly of devout smithies, alchemists, and craftsmen (along with the occasional mad inventor), scattered one to a town (if any), and not more than half a dozen in most cities. But with new technologies blossoming everywhere, the church has seen an influx of young, technical-minded novitiates – and more than a few Lantanese gnomes, seeking cross-pollination with their own burgeoning technology.
Alignment: Holy.
Elements: Order, Technology*, Wisdom.
Holy Powers: Allies, Blessed, Intuition, Oracle, and Patron as for standard Holy Might; Detect (PM, -10%) for metal (18) or machines (18), Gadgeteer (PM, -10%) (23 or 45), Gizmos (PM, -10%) (4.5/gizmo, round up on final cost), and Wild Talent (Craft/Technical Skills, -20%; PM -10%) (14/level). Auras: Focus, Free Movement. Imbuements: Arching Shot, Binding Shot, Conic Blast, Electric Weapon, Penetrating Weapon, Piercing Strike, Reinforce Armor, Rigid Armor, Sovereign Armor, Telescoping Weapon.
Clerics: As for Artificer-Priests (DF7: Clerics, p. 10).
Holy Warriors: Gond’s champions tend not to fit the normal image of a holy warrior, and instead generally resemble the artificer (DF4: Sages, p. 5), trading template advantages (Gadgeteer, Gizmos, etc) for their Holy equivalents, other Holy abilities of Gond’s realm, and at least one level of Holiness.
Disadvantages: Required: Compulsive Inventing (12) [-5] and Obsession (Machines) [-5]. • Add Absent-Minded [-15], Bad Sight (Mitigator: Spectacles, -60%) [-10], Curious [-5], Hard of Hearing [-10], and Oblivious [-5] to the list of options.
Skills: Alchemy, Armoury (any), Engineer (Gadgets), Fast-Draw (Gadget), Scrounging, Traps. • Weapons: Crossbow or Guns/TL4 (Musket, Pistol, or Shotgun).

• PI 1: Armor, Coolness, Clean, Detect Magic, Find Weakness, Identify Metal, Lend Energy, Light, Measurement, Purify Air, Purify Water, Recover Energy, Resist Fire, Resist Pain, Resist Pressure, Stop Bleeding, Test Load, and Umbrella.
• PI 2: Cadence, Continual Light, Glitch, Final Rest, Ignite Fire, Lend Vitality, Minor Healing, Repair, Resist Acid, Resist Cold, Resist Lightning, Reveal Function, Seek Machine, Sharpen, Shield, Soilproof, and Watchdog.
• PI 3: Aura, Cleansing, Create Fire, Create Water, Detect Poison, Gift of Letters, Heat, History, Healing Slumber, Inspired Creation, Knot, Lightning Weapon, Locksmith, Machine Speech, Magic Resistance, Malfunction, Metal Vision, Might, Missile Shield, Reshape, Schematic, Shape Metal, Shape Plant, Vigor, and Weaken.
• PI 4: Animate Machine, Animate Object, Bladeturning, Cure Disease, Dispel Magic, Divination, Gift of Tongues, Lockmaster, Machine Control, Major Healing, Manipulate, Oath, Resist Poison, See Secrets, Seeker, Strengthen Will, Suspend Curse, Toughen, and Wisdom.
• PI 5: Ancient History, Awaken Craft Spirit, Bless, Curse, Dispel Possession, Drain Mana, Great Healing, Machine Possession, Machine Summoning, Relieve Paralysis, Remove Curse, Rebuild, Restoration, Rive, Shatter, Stone to Flesh, Suspend Mana, and Vigil.
• PI 6: Golem, Neutralize Poison, Permanent Machine Possession, Prehistory, Regeneration, Shatterproof, Steelwraith, and Stop Paralysis.

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