Freestyle Saber Fighting

The City of Splendors’ infamous Dock Ward (and the desperate situations often encountered there) has given birth to a highly adaptable style of armed and unarmed fighting. Used primarily with sabers, but in theory anything else the advanced student can get his hands on, and with one or two weapons, the style is renown for its flexibility. It’s also varied and dynamic, mixing thrusts with slashes, kicks, pommels, and elbows in dizzying combinations. Of course, a duelist armed with a wine bottle and a barstool is still at a disadvantage to one with a sword, so the style has a solid core of fencing techniques that are most effective when properly armed.

Style Skills: Acrobatics; Brawling; Saber.

Style Power-Ups

Kicking (3 points)
Use full Brawling to make a normal kick attack. See pp. B231 or MA75.
Techniques: Kicking (H) Brawling+0 (3).

Reverse Grip (6 points)
Use full Saber skill to instantly switch to a reversed grip. See pp. MA78 and 111-112.
Techniques: Reverse Grip (A) Saber+0 (6).

Roll With Blow (3 points)
Prerequisites: Weapon Master (Saber).
Use full Acrobatics skill to Roll with Blow. See p. MA87.
Techniques: Roll with Blow* (H) Acrobatics+0 (3).

Sword and Kick (5 for Level 1; 11 points for Level 2)
Prerequisites: Weapon Master (Saber).
You’ve mastered the art of blending armed and unarmed combat, mixing kicks and punches with stabs and slashes. At Level 1, when attacking with a saber, you can make an additional unarmed attack – kick, punch, or any other legal Brawling move – as a Dual-Weapon Attack (p. B417), without incurring the normal penalties. At Level 2, you can make an unpenalized Dual-Weapon Attack with any combination of Brawling and Saber attacks (kick + saber, kick + punch, saber in each hand, etc), and ignore all skill penalties for using a saber in your off-hand.
Perk: (Level 2) Off-Hand Weapon Training (Saber) (1).
Techniques: (Level 1) Dual-Weapon Attack: Brawling & Saber+0 (5). • (Level 2) Dual-Weapon Attack* (H) Brawling+0 (5); Dual-Weapon Attack* (H) Saber+0 (5).

Whirlwind Attack (6 points for Level 1; 12 points for Level 2)
Prerequisites: Weapon Master (Saber); Dual-Weapon Attack (Saber) for Level 2.
You can make a special All-Out Attack in order to strike every adjacent foe with your saber. At Level 1, use the normal rules for a Whirlwind Attack (p. B232), at your full Saber skill; at Level 2, you can employ a second saber in your other hand to make two attacks at each eligible target!
Perk: (Level 2) Unique Technique (Double Whirlwind) (1).
Techniques: (Level 1) Whirlwind Attack* (H) Saber+0 (6). • (Level 2) Double Whirlwind* (H) Whirlwind Attack+0 (5).

Style Perks (1/perk)

Clinch (Brawling) – See PU2, p. 5.

Improvised Weapons (Saber) – See p. MA50, or PU2, p. 6.

Quick Swap (Saber) – See p. MA51, or PU2, p. 7.

Weapon Adaptation (Any one-handed sword to Saber) – See p. MA52, or PU2, p. 8.

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Freestyle Saber Fighting

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