Enthrallment skills

Any character with Bardic Talent (DF1, p. 21), Bardic Magery, or Bard Song Talent (both on DF3, p. 20) may use their Musical Instrument (any) or Singing skill in place of Public Speaking for any of the Enthrallment skills (p. B191). Any attempt to communicate specific information must be sung or otherwise articulated to the audience in a language they understand; emotions can be conveyed with music alone (e.g. Captivate without specific instructions, Suggest to seed a crowd with a certain emotion rather then explicit suggestion, etc). The reaction bonus from Persuade does stack with a successful use of Musical Influence, but only if they’re accomplished using different forms of performance (e.g. Musical Instrument used to enact Musical Influence, and Singing used to enact Persuade).

Using additional skills (Musical Instrument to accompany Singing, Poetry to spontaneously compose good lyrics, Musical Composition for skillful improvisation, etc) allows a supporting skill roll: success gives +1 to the bard’s Musical Influence or Enthrallment skill rolls, critical success gives +2, failure gives -1, critical failure gives -2. The bard may attempt any number of appropriate supporting skill rolls, as may anyone performing with him. Any performance with more than 5 participants requires the bard to roll Group Performance (Conducting), or receive -1 per performer instead of any supporting skill bonuses.

Given this change, Enthrallment skills may be learned up to a skill level equal to the higher of the character’s Musical Instrument, Public Speaking, or Singing skills. If an Enthrallment skill is higher than the performance skill that the character is trying to use, it is reduced to the level of that skill. (E.g., a bard with Singing-15, Public Speaking-13, and Suggest-15 is trying to use Public Speaking to segue into Suggest; his Suggest skill is therefor reduced to 13 for this roll. If he tried to sing instead, he’d use the full 15.)

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Enthrallment skills

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