Ecumenical Council

While the Church of the Holy Triad has a strong influence within the city, it is still only one of a number of openly viable religions. Any faith that wishes to establish an official presence in the city must be a member of the Ecumenical Council, which means that they must be inoffensive enough to the majority of the existing members of the Council – representatives and high prelates of the various established faiths.

Apart from the members of the Holy Triad (who can generally be relied on to vote as a block, and thus exert much influence on the Council’s decisions), other churches-in-good standing include those of the major holy divinities of Faerun; and a smattering of other benign and innocuous deities from around the region. Also members are a handful of monastic and spiritual orders that may not be aligned to a particular deity: monks of the Order of the Sun Soul, elvish prelates of their strange religion, dwarvish ancestor-priests, etc. Foreign churches who have significant followings, and prove themselves inoffensive to the existing members, are generally admitted, though they tend to hold fewer seats than native faiths. Conspicuously absent are the traditional enemies of the established members of the Council — the Cults (and Churches) of Bane, Cyric, Loviatar, Shar, and other religions that have clashed with the establishment aren’t permitted to operate in the city (not openly, anyway).

Gond – Wonder-Bringer, God of Technology and Artifice
Kelemvor – Guide of the Dead, God of Death and Passage to the Afterlife
Lathander – Morning-Lord, God of Spring, Morning, and the Sun
Mystra – Lady of Mysteries, Goddess of Magic and the Weave
Selune – Lady of Silver, Goddess of the Moon, Stars, and Night Sky
Tymora – Lady Luck, Goddess of Adventure and Good Fortune

Knights of the Crescent Moon – Mystic Swordsmen of Mystra and Selune
Order of the Sun Soul – Sacred Martial Artists of the Sun

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Ecumenical Council

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