Crane Style

This graceful, external style focuses on powerful and exotic kicks. The staff is the most common weapon used with the style, often used to make long, vaulting kicks.

Style Skills: Acrobatics; Karate.

Style Power-Ups

Acrobatic Stand (6 points)
Use full Acrobatics skill to perform an Acrobatic Stand (DF2, p. 12). See DF11, p. 12.
Technique: Acrobatic Stand (A) Acrobatics+0 (6).

Flying Jump Kick (8 points)
Execute a Flying Jump Kick (p. MA83) using your full Karate skill.
Technique: Flying Jump Kick (H) Karate+0 (8).

Kicking Mastery (3 points for Level 1; 8 points for Level 2)
At Level 1, use unmodified Karate for normal kicks; at Level 2, use Karate+4. See pp. B231, and MA75.
Perk: (Level 2) Technique Mastery (Kicking) (1).
Technique: (Level 1) Kicking (H) Karate+0 (3). • (Level 2) Kicking (H) Karate+4 (4).

Shins of Steel (8 points)
All of your kicking attacks add 1 damage per die; your legs have DR 2 (Tough Skin), which stacks normally with all other DR; and you add 3 to ST or HT to resist Leg Lock, Wrench Leg, and other such attacks on your legs.
Advantages: DR 2 (Chi, -10%; Partial, Legs, -20%; Tough Skin, -40%) (3); Striker (Crushing; Chi, -10%; Shin, -20%) (4).
Perk: Iron Legs (1).

Spinning Kick (4 points for Level 1; 9 points for Level 2)
By turning a circle as you attack, you can deliver a hopefully-unexpected kick. At Level 1, use your full Karate skill for a spinning kick (p. MA79); at Level 2, use Karate+4.
Perk: (Level 2) Technique Mastery (Spinning Kick) (1).
Technique: (Level 1) Spinning Kick (H) Karate+0 (4). • (Level 2) Spinning Kick (H) Karate+4 (4).

Style Perks (1/perk)

Rapid Retraction (Kicking) – See p. MA51, or PU2, p. 7.

Technique Adaptation (Spinning Attack) – You can take the Spinning Attack power-up (as Spinning Kick, but with a melee weapon) for any melee skill; each skill requires its own power-up. On the plus side, the cost of Spinning Attack with a melee weapon skill is one less than Spinning Kick (i.e. 3 points for Level 1, 8 points for Level 2). See p. MA52 or PU2, p. 17.

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Crane Style

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