Church of the Holy Triad

When most people say “The Church,” they’re referring to the combined ecclesiastic hierarchy of the Holy Triad – three allied Powers of Good, whose combined Church is among the most influential throughout the lands of the West. Representing the cardinal virtues of the Civilized World of Man – Benevolence, Duty, Justice, Law, Perseverance, Tradition – the gods of the Holy Triad fancy themselves the premiere patrons of human civilization, and the triumvirate leaders of the Faerunian Pantheon. The Church is well-established and influential within the city (and through the lands of the West), with several of the last Lord-Mayors coming from the ranks of its premiere military order in the region, the Knights of St. Vigius, and many city magistrates coming from the austere, “incorruptible” monastic Order of the Even Hand.

Clerics (and holy warriors) of the Holy Triad may serve any of the three deities individually, or may serve all three deities equally (use the standard cleric and holy warrior templates). In any case, a servant of any member of the Triad, or of the Triad in general, may always acquire the divine realms of the others as New Realm power-ups, as well as the standard Holy realm.

Ilmater – The Crying God, God Martyrdom and Perseverance
Torm – The True, God of Duty and Loyalty
Tyr – The Even-Handed, God of Law and Justice

Knights of St Vigius – Holy Justiciars of Waterdeep
Monks of the Broken Order – Mendicant Martial Artists of Ilmater
Paladins of the Radiant Heart – Pious Crusader Knights of the South

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Church of the Holy Triad

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