The Half-Spirit templates from DF3 (pp. 12-13) are too powerful (and pricy) for this campaign, but not all characters with supernatural ancestry are half-blooded. The following templates represent characters with more distant supernatural ancestors. A character may only have one bloodline template, but a PC of any race (human, dwarf, elf, etc) may a bloodline template as well. Like racial templates, bloodlines must be purchased with starting points freed up from the character’s adventurer template. Each character with a supernatural bloodline must choose a single unnatural feature, related to their heritage – see the half-spirit templates for examples.

A character with a bloodline template may purchase any of the Racial Power-Ups available to a half-spirit character of that type, as well as any advantages or perks that the half-spirit template has but the bloodline lacks. For example, celestial bloodline allows purchase of celestial power-ups (DF11 p. 38), and of advantages or perks from the celestial template (DF3, p. 12), such as Celestial Nimbus.

Celestial Blood (“Aasimar”) (20 points)
Secondary Characteristics: Will +1 (5).
Advantages: Appearance (Attractive, Universal) (5); Divine Gifts (1); Resistant to Metabolic Hazards +3 (10); Spirit Empathy (Specialized, Angels and Holy Spirits, -50%) (5).
Disadvantages: Divine Curse (Demons go after you first and worst) (-5); Unnatural Features 1 (-1).

Infernal Blood (“Tiefling”) (20 points)
Advantages: Damage Resistance 1 (5); Infernal Gifts (1); Night Vision 5 (5); Resistant to Metabolic Hazards +3 (10); Spirit Empathy (Specialized, Demons and Evil Spirits, -50%) (5).
Disadvantages: Social Stigma (Demon Blood) (-5); Unnatural Features 1 (-1).

Infused Blood (“Genasi”) (Elemental – Choose Air, Earth, Fire or Water) (20 points)
Advantages: Damage Resistance 2 (Limited, Chosen elemental type, -40%; Mana Sensitive, -10%) (5); Elemental Gifts (1); Resistant to Metabolic Hazards +3 (10); Spirit Empathy (Specialized, Elementals, -50%) (5).
Disadvantages: Unnatural Features 1 (-1).

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