Bare-Knuckle Boxing

A traditional sport and gentleman’s way of settling a dispute without unnecessary bloodshed, slight variations of basic have spread throughout the west. It is often taught to young aristocrats before they begin the study of swordsmanship. Some stay with the style into adulthood, learning its intricacies, and how to apply it in not-so-sporting situations. It can hardly take the place of a weapon in a serious fight, but is handy when one isn’t at hand, or lethal force isn’t appropriate.

Style Skill: Boxing.

Style Power-Ups

Counterattack (6 points for Level 1; 11 points for Level 2)
If you successfully defend against an attack, you can exploit the opening left by the attack with a quick counter, using full Boxing skill at Level 1, or Boxing+4 at Level 2. See p. MA70.
Perk: (Level 2) Technique Mastery (Counterattack) (1).
Technique: (Level 1) Counterattack (H) Boxing+0 (6). • (Level 2) Counterattack (H) Boxing+4 (4).

Head Butt (3 points)
You can make a head butt attack (see p. MA74) using your Boxing skill. Often used as part of a Grab and Smash! (p. MA118); Clinch and Neck Control can help with this.
Perks: Technique Adaptation (Boxing, Head Butt) (1).
Techniques: Head Butt (H) Boxing+0 (2).

Iron Fists (5 points)
Add 1 damage per die to punching attacks, and your hands have DR 2 (Tough Skin), which stacks with any other DR you have.
Advantages: Blunt Claws (3); DR 2 (Partial, Hands; Tough Skin) (2).

Style Perks

Clinch (Boxing) – See PU2, p. 5.

Neck Contol (Boxing) – See p. MA50, or PU2, p. 6.

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Bare-Knuckle Boxing

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