Amnian Saber Fencing

This style, common among sailors and pirates, makes use of the Amnian fencing saber, a light, curved blade good for slashing or stabbing. The style teaches use of a buckler in the off hand, primarily for defense, but expanded to includes offensive rushes and unbalancing pushes at greater levels of mastery. As a style, it relies less on long lunges and fancy footwork (space is limited on the deck of a ship) than on vertical (shipboard) mobility, and quick circular movements of the blade.

Amnian-style swashbucklers may trade Enhanced Parry for Enhanced Block (Buckler), and can buy to Enhanced Block 3 (5/level) or Flexibility (5) with starting points or as a power-up. They may spend 5 discretionary advantage or earned points to upgrade Weapon Master to cover Buckler, which reduces the penalty for multiple blocks (if allowed), adds normal Weapon Master damage bonus to shield bashes and rushes, and makes certain advanced style power-ups available.

Style Skills: Climbing; Saber; Shield (Buckler).

Style Power-Ups
In addition to the power-ups listed below, an Amnian Saber Fencer with Weapon Master (Saber) can learn the Chi skill Immovable Stance without the need for Trained by a Master.

Attack from Above (2 points for Level 1; 7 points for Level 2)
You’re practiced at making Saber attacks while dropping down on foes from above, as from a ship’s rigging, etc. At Level 1, use unmodified Saber skill; at Level 2, plus Saber+4. See pp. B402, and MA67.
Perk: (Level 2) Technique Mastery (Saber/Attack from Above) (1).
Technique: (Level 1) Attack from Above (A) Saber+0 (2). • (Level 2) Attack from Above (A) Saber+4 (4).

Buckler Shoves (Varies)
Requirements: Weapon Master (Buckler).
You can learn the Push skill (p. B216) for use with your buckler, to shove an enemy and make him lose his balance; you do suffer off-hand penalties for this roll, unless you have Ambidexterity or Off-Hand Weapon Training. This counts as an armed attack (using your buckler – Reach 1), and gains the damage bonus from Weapon Master if your Shield (Buckler) skill is DX+1 or better.
Skill: Push (Buckler), DX/H.

Knife Rappelling (5 points)
By plunging a knife or sword edge-down into a sail, curtain, or tapestry (etc – the GM should be generous in determine where this ability can be used, but trees, stone walls, etc, are right out), you may “rappel” down the length of the material, slitting it as you fall. If you can rappel the whole way, you avoid all falling damage; otherwise, you only fall the distance from the bottom of the sail to the ground, and can use Acrobatics or other abilities normally to further reduce falling damage.
Perk: Unique Technique (Knife Rappelling) (1).
Technique: Knife Rappelling (H) Climbing+0 (4).

Remise (5 points; 10 points for Level 2)
Requirements: Weapon Master (Saber).
If you make a Committed or All-Out Attack with your saber (which cannot be a Dual-Weapon Attack, Rapid Strike, or any maneuver that would preclude a Rapid Strike), and fail to connect (i.e. you missed, or the target defended), you can immediately make a second, identical attack – same target, hit location, swing or thrust, etc. This attack is made at no penalty, but is otherwise treated in all ways as a Rapid Strike; you may make no more than one Remise per turn. At Level 1, the target gets no special penalty to defend, although he must use another defense (at any appropriate penalty for multiple parries, etc) against the second attack. At Level 2, he parries the Remise (only – not the original attack, nor any other attacks made that turn) at -2, or blocks or dodges at -1. A critical miss on the original attack, or a critical success on the target’s defense, prevents a Remise.
Perk: (Level 1) Unique Technique (Remise) (1).
Technique: (Level 1) Remise (H) Saber+0 (4). • (Level 2) Advanced Remise (H) Remise+0 (5).

Rope Up (2 points)
Use full Climbing skill to climb up a rope. See p. B233.
Technique: Rope Up (A) Climbing+0 (2).

Sword and Buckler (6 points)
Requirements: Weapon Master (Buckler and Saber).
Two-Weapon Fighting (DF11, p. 13), specialized for the Saber and Buckler pair.
Perk: Off-Hand Weapon Training (Buckler) (1).
Technique: Dual-Weapon Attack* (H) Saber & Buckler+0 (5).

Style Perks (1/pek)

Akimbo (Buckler & Saber) – Requires Weapon Master (Buckler & Saber). See PU2, p. 5.

Naval Training – See p. MA50, or PU2, p. 6.

Pommel-Fist (Saber) – See p. MA111.

Shoves and Tackles (Buckler) – See PU2, p. 7.

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Amnian Saber Fencing

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