Surprisingly hairless. Electric blue eyes set into a pale, innocent-looking, young face.


Her hairless face and head along with her youthfulness makes her look surprisingly innocent. She wears a soft, velvety loose black robe and wears a black leather jacket. Her eyes are a shocking shade of blue. She stands on the short side of normal height for a human female. She’s a city girl and obviously at home in her native city of Waterdeep.


It wasn’t her fault that she was such a naturally, excellent mage. Indigo shrugged as she realized yet again that most of the other initiates at Blackstaff Tower were just jealous of her obvious superior abilities with magic. After all, who wouldn’t be jealous? Especially, that insufferable, know-it-all, goody-two-shoes Serse who made up for her obviously inferior magical abilities by cozing up to the elders and accusing fellow students of cheating.

She didn’t really have any close friends among the other initiates and she wasn’t bothered by this very much. If she had to step on a few toes along her path to excellence, then it was for the best that none here were friends. Besides, that just gave her more time to prepare to delve into Undermountain.

She had listened to the many stories that the patrons at her father’s tavern told of Undermountain. Some had even shown her some of the wonderful, mesmerizing magical items that they had retrieved. Ever since hearing these tales, she had wanted to explore the infamous place. She was sure that she would find many powerful magic items there. Perhaps she would gain some fame and a sizable sum of money, as well. She knew her strong magic abilities were equal to any challenge that she might find there.

Indigo combed out her long, dark hair and braided it in her usual fashion. She glanced in the mirror and grinned at herself before she left for her next lesson. She could hardly wait to leave this musty tower of learning. She wanted to be out doing.

One year later — after having delved into the first level of the dungeon in Undermountain and dropping a massively explosive fireball at her own feet:

Indigo was at first embarrassed at having scorched every last bit of hair from her body. But after healing the burns and feeling the new soft hairless skin, she decided that she really likes this hairless look and periodically singes off the hair from her body. Sure, some people think that she looks weird without eyebrows or eyelashes, but that’s just their own problem. Besides, it’s so convenient.


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