Forgotten Realms: Splendors & Shadow

Indigo's thoughts on session 1

Indigo sighed and fiddled with her long braid of hair as Finnegan described her next contract. It was going to be a simple meet and hand off assignment, yet again. At least this one was in the Undermountain. Someday, he would see her real worth and send her on some more challenging assignment. Indigo idly wondered yet again if Finnegan had really been the serious adventurer that his reputation suggested and why-oh-why he would take such a boring job at the Adventurer’s Guild.

Still, it was easy cash and hand offs tend to go quickly, so she signed the contract and went down to the Undermountain through the Yawning Portal with Melora, Gustav Corsaro, and Urdor. Indigo grinned as they went down in style during the busiest time of the night with much cheering from the other patrons of the Yawning Portal.

Indigo was excited to finally see the dark, muffled passages of the uppermost Dungeon Level. She felt strangely at home here. Other than a small run in with Goblins, the assignment was pretty uneventful. Easy cash. Indigo vowed that next time would be more exciting.



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